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« on: 07 January 2013, 17:59:31 »
Nickname: (your nickname) HaaZ
Hour and Date: (hours and date when you were banned, if you don't know it, try to say with approximation) ABOUT HALF AN HOUR AGO
Reason: (why you were banned) Cuz AliT hacked My account and abused you all...
Ban ID: (write here ban's ID)
Admin name: (the nickname of the admin who banned you) Sander :(
Additional informations: (every information that you think that will help you to be unbanned) AliT knew my password and used my account to play. He killed people in /wcs with guns and did every shit he could. I regret this and gonna change my password soon. I AM SORRY.
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Re: HaaZ
« Reply #1 on: 07 January 2013, 19:05:30 »
I knew it was something bad with "you". :)

Anyway, demoted (level 6 -> level 5) + unbanned, because you can't share your passwords with somebody else, and you are an admin too ! He could kick/ban many players or other things.