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Title: Bug /toys
Post by: [SG]Kenton on 23 December 2018, 12:17:41

What does the bug ?:The 8th place in /toys isn't working, the objets that we put disappears and too, we can't move them
When you discovered ?: 23/12/2018
Location: -
A photo with the bug:
Here (
Title: Re: Bug /toys
Post by: IstuntmanI on 25 December 2018, 22:08:25
That's because of the winter breath, which is added in the index 8. The steam that is coming out of your mouth once at few seconds is actually an attached object that occupies a slot. There's a maximum of 10 player attachments slots, so it wouldn't be fine if I would limit the slots from '/toys' to 5 or any other value like this.

Indeed, it looks buggy.