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[GsF] Cerere Rank-Up / Rank-Up Request
« on: 27 July 2018, 05:28:20 »

In acest topic, membrii gangului Groove Street Families pot aplica pentru promovare la un rank mai mare.

Promovarea se va face dupa urmatoarele conditii :

Helper - > Member - Helperul respectiv trebuie sa aiba 70+ GP si o vechime de cel putin 7 zile in gang.
Member -> Loyal - Member-ul respectiv trebuie sa aiba 150+ GP si o vechime de cel putin 10 zile in gang.
Loyal -> Co-Leader - Loyal-ul respectiv trebuie sa aiba 300+ GP si o vechime de cel putin 14 zile in gang.

Cererea se va face sub forma unui reply in acest topic, dupa urmatorul model

Code: [Select]
Nickname-ul tau :
Rank-ul tau actual :
Rank-ul dorit :
Screenshot /stats -> Gang :

In this topic , the Groove Street Families members can apply for a bigger gang rank.
The rank up will be made according to the following conditions :

Helper -> Member - The Helper must have 70+ GP and at least 7 days in the gang.
Member -> Loyal - The Member must have 150+ GP and at least 10 days in the gang.
Loyal -> Co-Leader - The Loyal must have 300+ GP and at least 14 days in the gang.

The Request will be made, replying in this topic, with the following model :

Code: [Select]
Your nickname :
Your actual rank :
The rank you are applying for :
Screenshot of /stats -> Gang :

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